Indochine – 40th anniversary book

Indochine’s 40th birthday official book, by Nicola and Rafaëlle Hirsh-Doran


September 29, 1981, Indochine, which has just been formed, goes on stage at the Rose Bonbon. It is the starting point of the band which knew, 40 years during, to renew itself and to attract fans of all the generations. For example, 3e Sexe, which tackled gender issues as early as 1985, has just reached the top of the charts thanks to its new version, featuring Christine and the Queens. And their latest album, “Singles Collection”, has sold +500,000 copies.


What are the reasons of this success? This is the question that this book explores, going back to the sources of the band until today. Including interviews with those who wrote the band history, and to the diaries of Nicola Sirkis, who reveals himself here as never before. The book is built around Indochine’s thirteen albums, each chapter telling the genesis of an album, the great events, disputes, meetings, recording and writing sessions, anecdotes that marked the creation. The very personal tone and the photos that illustrate it make it a unique, lively book. The undeniable reference on Indochine.


Nicola Sirkis is the singer-songwriter and initial member of Indochine. Rafaelle Hirsch-Doran is a journalist. Her encounter with Indochine, at the age of 11, was a shock. She was chosen by Nicola Sirkis to write this book because she is undoubtedly one of those who knows the band best. She is also the author of a feature documentary on Indochine, which will be released in 2022.



Indochine has been consecrated as France’s favorite rock band (Le Parisien). It attracts fans of all generations, and has sold +500,000 tickets for the upocoming Central Tour, in less than two days.


It is the first time that Nicola Sirkis signs and carries a book about his band.


40 years of archives, diaries, personal photos, test models, notes, unpublished contents.


All those who wrote the history of the band, and who sometimes never spoke, have been interviewed: Nicola Sirkis himself, his mother, the successive members of the band, but also Xavier Dolan, Christine and the Queens, Asia Argento, the sound engineers, Jaco von Dormael, Mickey 3D, Marc Caro, etc.


More than 600 unpublished, rare or mythical photos, nearly 40 photographers, all the stage costumes.



220 x 285 mm, 512 pages.


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